Press Mentions: Pinterest as Digital Exhibition

While running a Data Detox, I came across a review of my 2016 DH Week Workshop, “Pinterest as Digital Exhibition” from Pratt student, Akaya Sato. For the workshop, I presented a set of Pinterest boards that I have been curating for the research group, Architecture_MPS. These boards focus on conferences and journal issues published by Architecture_MPS as well as topics the group covers, such as Housing – Critical Futures and the Mediated City. Additional boards cover events, exhibitions, books, films and political issues around architecture and related design.

“By providing these Pinterest boards, AMPS emphasizes collaboration with other institutions. With their contributions, many users, including architecture firms, can recognize the significance of AMPS and raise awareness about architecture. Institutions and nonprofit organizations utilizing social media advance the public awareness by collaborating and highlighting community engagements over the same field.”

I knew some of the attendees would be from the museum community so as an exercise, we created an example set from my MetIllumination project, covering devotional art represented at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We explored many ways to document and annotate art objects by pinning links to articles, provenance records and other related materials that describe the artifacts and encourage discussion and sharing.

“Since many of the attendees were staff members from institutions and museums, the ‘Fire and Light: Illumination in Religious Art‘ website demonstrates a great example for archivists and librarians to utilize Pinterest and display visual images of the institutions ephemera.”

I am glad Akaya and others were able to take away something useful from my presentation. For this year, I submitted a talk with Tanya Elder on Preserving Performance: Creating a Theater Legacy. I hope I get to present again for this wonderful mini conference.

Read Akaya’s review: http://dh.prattsils.org/blog/resources/event-reviews/noreen-whysels-pinterest-as-an-exhibition-gallery-at-metropolitan-new-york-library-council-21016/

Pinterest as Digital Exhibition (DH Week slides, February 10, 2016): https://www.slideshare.net/nwhysel/dh-week-workshop-pinterest-as-exhibition

Pinterest as Digital Exhibition (IA Summit poster, May 7, 2016): https://www.slideshare.net/mobile/nwhysel/pinterest-as-digital-archive-ia-summit-2016-atlantahttps://www.slideshare.net/nwhysel/pinterest-as-digital-archive-ia-summit-2016-atlanta