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Alaric Compliance Services
American Jewish Historical Society
American Museum of Natural History
American Relief Charities
The Appraisal Institute
Archive of Contemporary Music
Barbara Newman, Dance Dialogs
Behind the Book
Brooklyn SBDC
Center for Geospatial Innovation, FCNY
Columbia University Center for Digital Research and Scholarship
Communication for Change
The Counselors of Real Estate
CUNY Graduate School
Cushman & Wakefield
Data Design Systems
Decision Fish
Fund for the City of New York
Information Architecture Institute
Italy-America Chamber of Commerce
MacCrate Associates
Marchitelli, Barnes
Medicine Show Theatre Ensemble
Municipal Art Society
New York Geospatial Catalysts
New York City Office of Emergency Management
New York Theater Workshop
New York University
OASIS/Identity Ecosystem Steering Group
Open Camps/Unite for Humanity Hackathon
Price Waterhouse LLP
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Think Cyber, Inc.
Union County College, New Jersey
United States Army Corps of Engineers
Urban Land Institute
West 104th Street Block Association
West 104th Street Community Garden
World Music Institute


  • “Fascinating, illuminating and so, so important talk by @nwhysel on editing Wikipedia” “Totally need this right now!” Responses to 2017 IA Summit Talk on Diversity and Inclusion in Wikipedia.
    Diversity and Inclusion in Wikipedia
  • Keith Masback, Executive Director, USGIF
  • As a member of the Board of Directors of GISMO and a Founder/Director of New York Geospatial Catalysts, I wish to thank you for organizing and hosting yesterday's enlightening event and providing us with an opportunity to meet with Director Cardillo and share some of the outstanding applications that are being implemented in the metropolitan geospatial community.
    Wendy Dorf, Founder/Director of New York Geospatial Catalysts
  • Noreen and I worked together for many years, and she was always nothing less than focused, expert, meticulous, forward-thinking, and professional. These traits are unusual in most people, but they were even more difficult to maintain in a large corporate environment where committees often led projects off-track for new priorities. Noreen knows her stuff, and she is a quick study. She's also fun to work with -- anyone who does is very lucky.
    Annette Kramer, Non-Executive Director and Business Leadership and Communication Advisor
  • Noreen was a professional, thorough contractor who was willing to go the extra yard in what was required of her. Her subject knowledge appears extensive.
    Peggy Tinsley, Test Development Manager for Brainbench (an SHL PreVisor company)
  • Noreen is doing a fantastic job building organizational infrastructure at the Institute while also handling ongoing project, volunteer, and other operational management. She is particularly good at prioritizing, and she is very effective in handling both the big picture jobs and the detailed items. I recommend her highly.
    Stacy Surla, Senior Information Architect, ICF Ironworks
  • Noreen was the first staff hire of the non-profit Information Architecture Institute (I serve on the Board of Directors and vetted the candidates). Noreen's exceptional ability as both an organizer and technician helped make the Board of Directors much more effective by taking care of the day-to-day running of the Institute and streamlining outdated procedures. I'd hire her again in an instant. Don't let her soft-spokenness fool you - Noreen gets things done!
    Eric Reiss, Author, consultant, fl
  • Noreen has done a fantastic job at managing the operations for the IA institute. She has a wonderful attitude and is very proactive and responsible. I would be happy to work with her on any project.
    Samantha Starmer, Vice President, Digital Product Management at Ralph Lauren
  • Noreen and I began working together while developing the job board for the Information Architecture Institute (IAI). I was a member of the Board of Directors for the Institute and Noreen took on the role as a volunteer. I was very impressed by Noreen's competence, attention to detail and dedication as we worked on the job board. For over a year, Noreen generated our bi-weekly newsletter by hand while we worked to create a more automated process. When the Operations Manager role was created by the IAI, I strongly recommended Noreen for the role. Noreen has gone on to become an extremely valuable asset for the IAI and her coordination skills are playing an important role in the evolution of the association from start up to full fledged operation.
    Samantha Bailey, Information Architecture & User Experience Design Consultant
  • Noreen breathed life into several underbudgeted projects and saw them to successful completion. Her positive attitude and her ability to stay the course are invaluable in any environment. In addition her systems and IT knowledge is deep and she is not shy about acquiring new skills.

    Yves Salama, CEO at Teem'd
  • I work with Noreen on a number of different small scale and larger scale tasks for the Information Architecture Institute. She is a terrific lead, always has her priorities in mind and is capable of managing an incredible number of activities at different detail levels without losing track. I highly recommend her.

    Andrea Resmini, Assistant Professor at J
  • Noreen and I have worked together for a long time on a variety of projects including real estate valuation and research, artificial intelligence for real estate valuation, educational programs and the like. I recommend her highly.
    Jim MacCrate, MAI, CRE, ASA, Real Estate Appraiser