Date:October 06, 2016

Decision Fish

Impact Hub 30 for 30 Cohort 2018
NYU StartEd Incubator 2017
Best for NYC 2017 Changemaker Award, B Lab and NYC EDC
Semi-Finalist, Village Capital FinTech 2016

Decision Fish has an urgent social mission: to help people make better financial decisions. We know that individuals can make costly mistakes: there are 270,000 homes in foreclosure, even eight years after the financial crisis. Decision Fish applies the latest research in decision science, behavioral economics, corporate finance and user experience design to build a suite of apps that help people save money and reduce risk when making high-stakes, decisions, that align with personal values and create happiness.

My dual role is COO and UX Director. I planned user testing of an Excel prototype and using the findings to develop interactive prototypes in Axure. Our initial interviews included a series of online and in person walkthroughs of the alpha applications. I also performed a competitive review of similar applications available in the market. Our user research findings and competitive analysis allowed us to pivot from a home affordability focus to a broader financial planning model that aligns with a user’s personal values. Testing is continuing on Financial Planning and Budgeting modules. I am working on Axure prototypes for web and mobile interactions. If you are interested in participating in user research, contact

As COO I am involved with developing partner and funding prospects, financial and HR operations and competitive market research. I was selected as a 2018 Fellow in the Startup Leadership Program and secured spots in the NYU StartEd Incubator for 2017 and Impact Hub’s 2018 30 for 30 Cohort.

We are looking for B2B collaborators. I am also seeking user testing participants from targeted markets including middle income, immigrant, single parent, unmarried women and other underserved populations to test financial education content.

Tools Used: Prototypes in Axure and Excel,, Skype, Google Docs

Early Prototype Screenshots

Below are prototypes from an early version. We have since hired designers and illustrators to work on the current web app.








Mobile Prototype



Focus Groups

I have been running focus groups and financial wellness workshops to observe people discussing money issue so and planning their finances. The following photos were from workshops at the Semiotics Web/Information Architecture Meetup and Impact Hub NYC.


Semiotics Web/Information Architecture Workshop on financial wellness. We created affinity diagrams of attendees biggest financial decisions and their feelings around these decisions.


Financial Wellness Workshop at Impact Hub NYC, featuring a paper prototype of our app.