Date:January 30, 2015

Musapaedia: NYPL Open Book Hackathon 2015

For the 2015 edition of the NYPL Open Book Hackathon, I participated with a team that was interested in pulling poetry out of Project Gutenberg and creating a user dialogue with a goal toward creating a custom book of poems, based on user preferences. We started out calling it “Pandora for Poetry,” but settled on Musapaedia to avoid obvious copyright issues.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 3.48.17 PM.png

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With Musapaedia:

User can (possibilities)

  • Upload/enter a poem and get a set of poems in custom e-book or web“experience”

  • Choose a set of attributes and get a set of poems in custom e-book or web“experience”

  • Use up/down vote system to determine what kinds of poems that come up

User Experience:

  • Poem “mood”, color/image changes with type of poem

Since this year’s edition of the hackathon was one day as opposed to two, we had much less time to complete the project than previous years, but we were able to create a sample user interface and code the processes that extract the poems. Our team will continue to work on this and hopefully release a working application soon.

Final code we completed today is on GitHub!


Ross Goodwin

Noreen Whysel

Vimala Pasupathi

Clarisa Diaz

Rike Franklin

Beth Dufford emdufford@gmail

Stephen Klein