Date:January 02, 2002


Web site technical and content review and editing, operations support, site metrics reporting, webmaster mail processing, policies and procedures documentation, technical process documentation

I created and tested web pages generated via Lotus Notes databases for the company’s global web site. I documented the process, errors, etc. and made corrections as needed. I worked with designers, editors and agent script writers to ensure optimal performance. In addition, I managed site metrics, including lead tracking via the Contact Us form, search log analysis and server performance reporting.

Example of Form Action: User action in the Contact Us form, including the business topic selected and the page last visited, informed the form logic, indicating which business unit would be copied. In turn, the inquiry was logged into a business lead tracking system, which was incorporated in a monthly report to department managers. We were able to identify over $300 million worth of engagements directly mapped to contact form inquiries in the first year.