Date:November 01, 2015

Architecture_MPS Social Media Campaign

The Architecture_media_politics_society journal presented an interesting challenge to integrate its digital content with its social media. My goal was to drive traffic to the journal and its resource content and conference series by developing an innovative social media campaign.

Architecture_MPS is a forum for the analysis of architecture, landscape and urbanism in the mediated, politicized environment of contemporary culture and society. The primary social media outreach channels include Twitter (@architecturemps) and Facebook.

I developed several Pinterest boards related to published articles in the journal, as well as architecture conferences, competitions, films and books. Curating engaging social media content mapped to the institution’s own digital archives helps drive readership to the journal’s articles and resource repositories. Sample content includes gender and public space, satellite imagery and human rights, and laissez-faire development in early 20th century Chicago.

The journal has recently received approval to create a Google Gallery, which we will be experimenting with shortly.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.43.22 PM

View my presentation, Social Media and Architecture Journal Archives from the 2015 Archivists Round Table Symposium, New York, October 21, 2015.

Architecture_MPS is a collaboration of Ravensbourne University College, UK and Adelphi University, New York. The journal hosts a number of conferences related to “The Mediated City” and “Housing – A Critical Perspective.”

Housing-A Critical Perspective is a multinational series taking place in Liverpool, Seville, Nicosia, Shanghai, Veracruz, New York and London from 2015-2107. Interested parties, students and researchers are invited to submit projects and papers.

The Mediated City conference series takes place in Los Angeles, London, Bristol and Brisbane in 2015-2017.