Date:April 16, 2006

Community Information Technology Initiative

Usability analysis, functional requirements, user research, user interviews, page content, community outreach program facilitation.


Noreen worked with the Municipal Art Society and the New York Public Interest Research Group to develop a mapping platform that was easy to use and powerful enough to provide community board members a visualization tool comparable to those used by developers and engineering firms involved with local zoning and real estate development proposals.

Issue: Access to geographic data visualization was limited at the community board level of planning.

Solution: An easy-to-use online community mapping interface and training.

Noreen conducted usability studies with community boards in four boroughs to identify geographic information needs for planning and presentation. Noreen’s research was integrated into a simple geographic information systems interface, with powerful backend technology that is equivalent to that used by companies with fewer limitations. Noreen facilitated trainings at the Municipal Art Society, Community Board offices and high schools that informed the final product design. The mapping interface was ultimately adopted by the New York City Department of City Planning.

Site Concept and Blueprint (.PPT)
Data Layer Needs Summary (.DOC)
Functionality Summary (.DOC)
Manhattan CB1 Needs Assessment (.DOC)
CITI Presentation to Data Connection Conference (.DOC)